These are the Servants of the Lord that God is enabling us to Partner with!

We Thank God for these Servants who have Gone to the Ends of the World Proclaiming the Good News

  • Raymond Bradley Family – Ecuador, Deaf Ministrys
  • Christian Law Association – USA, Defending religious freedom, free legal counsel and services to churches and Christians via Christian Law
  • Cheryl Dyck – Philippines, Church Planting Assistant
  • Stephen Dyck – Mexico, To Every Creature Ministries, Pastor of Victory Baptist Church, El Paso, Texas
  • Joe & Louise Hyatt – USA, ministered for many years to our service men and women, Louise also assists at the mission office
  • Tom Jeran – Jewish Ministries, World-wide outreach
  • Jeff Klein Family – Argentina and Chile, Mapuche people
  • Lighthouse Children’s Homes – Costa Rica – India – Mexico  – Panama
  • Rey Martinez Family – South Dakota, Lakota Sioux
  • Daniel Norton Family – Italy, Pastoring in Aviano
  • David & Uldine Steffy – Philippines, Ministered for 60 years in the Philippines

Our missions budget at Victory is $955.00 per month.

If God would lead you to help us to be a blessing to these missionaries and get the Gospel around the world, please send your tax-deductible gift to:

Victory Baptist World Missions
PO Box 292
Harvey, ND 58341

Praise God for how He continues to provide.

And let us remember to uphold them in Prayer, which will make all the difference!