Sunday School Bus Ministry (10:00 – 10:50)


The church bus transports riders in the Harvey area, to and from Sunday school.  We currently have two youth classes and one teen/adult class.  Come ride this Sunday –text or phone 701.693.6076 to request a ride.

Preaching the Word

Multiple times a week our pastor opens the Scripture and proclaims the truth of God.  Each service is different and each study is right out of the Bible.  The Word of God is our text book –our sole authority for what be believe and how we conduct ourselves.  Check it out for yourself on our Sermons Page or better yet –visit us and listen live!


Every Wednesday evening, we gather together to PRAY!  God tells us in His Word that His House is to be a “House of Prayer”.  We pray for lost people who need to be saved, for spiritual needs in lives, for health concerns, for missionaries who serve all around the world, and much much more!  We work to pray specifically for each request and to remember to praise and thank God as we see His hand at work!  You, friend are most welcome to join us in our Wednesday night Bible study and prayer time (7:30-9:00).  If you have a pray request you would like us to pray with you about please contact us.

Nursing Home

The St. Aloisius Medical Center in Harvey is home to about 100 residents.  Currently, we are able to minister there several times through the year in the Sunday afternoon services.  It is always a great time of encouragement to the dear folks there.  The message we bring there, is always one of hope in Jesus Christ.  We want to faithfully communicate the Gospel to those who are still lost, as well as give the senior saints something to chew on!

Youth Camp

For the last twenty-two years, Camp Victory has been the highlight of our summers, at Victory Baptist Church.  God has allowed us to minister to many youth throughout the region and beyond.  This past year we saw 66 young people attend Camp Victory.

Community Outreach

The First Saturday of each month our church family gets together to reach-out to those in need.

Media Ministry

Through helpful Bible-based literature to audio CD’s of our pastor’s preaching, we want get the Word out!  Many have not yet grasped the reality of Salvation is Jesus, and we all have need of growth!  These materials are provided freely to those who would desire them.   The following are just some of the media available for the asking:

– Audio CD’s of Bible Preaching and Teaching.  The messages listed on our Sermons Page are just some of the titles available.

-DONE.  A 99 page book which gives a though explanation of the Gospel.  This little book will captivate your attention with the wonder of God’s plan of Redemption, and answer your deepest questions about how to get to Heaven.  Where will you spend forever?  You owe this question some investigation!

Tracts.  These are short little pamphlets which open up the Word of God on a certion topic.  Many of our tracts help the reader see clearly how they can know for sure they are going to Heaven!

Jail MinistryHeart of America Correctional and Treatment Center

Tuesday evenings at the Heart of America Correctional and Treatment Center.  This is a great time connecting the Word of God with needy hearts!  God has allowed us to see many souls saved and a number of lives really changed through the teaching a preaching of the Word of God!